The Art Learning Center

Learning thru the Arts - Preschool and Childcare

Our Stars Program
The Art Learning Center is committed to providing quality early education through our Keystone Stars program. Level 3/4

Keystone STARS - Improving the quality through:
Training/Professional Development

Keystone STARS is an initiative of the Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) to improve, support, and recognize the continuous quality improvement efforts of early learning programs in Pennsylvania.

The Keystone STARS Performance Standards provide the foundation for the program.  The Performance Standards are grouped into four levels:
STAR 1, STAR 2, STAR 3, and STAR 4.

Each level builds on the previous level and utilizes research-based best practices to promote quality early learning environments and positive child outcomes. The standards address staff qualifications and professional development, the early learning program, partnerships with family and community, and leadership and management.

Keystone STARS is managed through a partnership of the Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) and the Pennsylvania and Regional Keys.

Keystone STARS is a state funded voluntary program that promotes quality in child care, similar to Pre-K Counts and Head Start programs. Programs achieve a STAR 1 to STAR 4 rating based on quality standards for teachers, classrooms, and program management. As programs meet higher standards, they earn more STARS.

What we offer

Our Food Program

The Art Learning Center Provides the children in our care with breakfast, lunch and snack. We Adhere to a healthy, nutritious, satisfying diet following the Department of Education's guidelines.

Qualified Teachers

The teachers at the Art Learning Center have teaching degrees. They also participate in ongoing classes and training to ensure the natural warmth and caring they bring to the classroom is paired with new effective teaching methods.

A Learning Environment

Classrooms at the Art Learning Center are enriched with quality learning tools that guide your child to learn through age appropriate practices and hands on approach to learning.

Convenient Hours

Monday through Friday 6:30AM to 7:30PM

Accommodations for different Age Groups

Each group has their own classroom and set of teachers

Infants (6 weeks to 12 months)

Young Toddlers (13 months to 24 months)
Toddlers (25 Months to 36 months)
Preschool (3 to 5 years)
School Age- Before/After school care and summer camp (5 to 13 years)


All Entryways and exits to the facility are protected by a security system and cameras.
Serving Stroudsburg Schools.